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kallukarma on 24 Feb - 10:23
Lubie_Dzem on 15 Feb - 21:13
AcK heyo! Say Hi to more FG guys here See you there :)
AcKeNaR on 13 Feb - 20:10
Yeheee...! Guess who is back over here for a visit...
mOnk on 25 Dec - 11:34
Lubie_Dzem on 1 Dec - 18:15
Enemy Territory! :D Btw hey Fragger, nice to hearing from you :)
ItsFragger on 30 Nov - 21:45
Hey guys. This site looks quite messed up. Are there any good online games around and do gaming communities like this one still exist?
SaSuKe_Sof on 27 Nov - 09:43
Wow shit, so many bots posting on forums =/
SaSuKe_Sof on 27 Nov - 09:39
where? what? xD
Kingscrown on 24 Nov - 21:54
Reunion started!
Ask me for more information.
xP.Bo0m on 24 Nov - 13:37


But none of them had to do with the cut of the clothes

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But none of them had to do with the cut of the clothes

Postby three99 » Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:42 am

“I don’t think [the band] is in any danger of bridal gown eclipsing Kim Jong Un in terms of popularity, given the weight and inherent momentum of the cult of personality around the Kim leadership since the late 1960s,” Cathcart said “North Korean artists and musicians know their place within that system and know that to succeed within it, one does not attempt to go beyond established boundaries.”Bill 59 would effectively turn Internet-based criticism of Islam or Islamic customs or Shariah law into a crime.

Under Bill 59, a lawsuit could be initiated by any individual who feels offended by a statement that he or she believes promotes “fear of the other.” A website like?pointdebascule.

ca, scrupulously annotated, which exists solely to expose networks of anti-western Islamism, and whose work is helpful to CSIS,? could be shut down under this law, and its director punished with outrageous fines. I write frequently about honour codes in Islamic regions that mandate severe punishments for girls and women whose mode of dress or behaviour allegedly shames their families. The fact that what I have written is “true” and “in the public interest” would not be grounds for my defence under Bill 59, as it is under the actual laws of defamation. Even my frequent critiques of the niqab could, under Bill 59, be considered Islamophobic, in fact are considered Islamophobic by many people (they write and tell me so; any of them could bring a lawsuit against Informal Wedding Dresses me under Bill 59).“The whole Twitter thing is very weird and interesting, isn’t it?” (We had resumed talking of privacy and things known about people in general and celebrities in particular.) “When I started in movies 20, 30 years ago” — Oh Jesus, he says under his breath, as though realizing that it’s been that long — “you didn’t tell anybody anything and people were always prying and you kept it such a rigid wall. That was the way it was structured, the game was to get underneath. Now it’s the exact opposite, people just disclosing left and right. And that’s how the game is played.”As much as the slinking in white mink or the rustle of a taffeta gown tied in a girlish pink bow, the images of Monroe in casual tomboy style are memorable: her demure sweater-girl poses between takes while filming River of No Return in Banff; frolicking on the chilly Santa Monica beach swaddled in a bulky Mexican cardigan; the oversized Aran she wore to sing in Let’s Make Love.“It’s not a smartphone when a pro athlete uses it.” — Andy Borowitz, after San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker became the latest victim of allegedly salacious text messages.There were so many things that were intriguing and confounding, fascinating and bold about the unveiling of Yeezy Season 3, Kanye West’s men’s and women’s sportswear collection. But none bridal gowns online of them had to do with the cut of the clothes.Then, on Friday, when the Duke and Duchess raced each other in America’s Cup yachts across Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour, the Duchess, an experienced sailor following her gap year partly spent on yachts in the Solent, was at her most playful, waving and making victory gestures at her husband after beating him hands down. Whatever their differences over bragging rights, moments after they landed, they were back on the water, giggling like teenagers as they sped across the harbour at 40 knots in a speedboat.“People watch train wrecks, too.

I’m happy to say that the film that was made about the expose I did of those clubs lasted longer than the clubs it was exposing. There is a kind of horrible fascination about that world, and a lot of money there, but somehow, I don’t feel threatened by that. I feel dismay that young men, especially, are being subjected to that, and made to feel that’s a mark of masculinity. That’s a shame.

”Many popular restaurant chains such as Jack Astor’s and Joey’s require their female servers to wear sexier outfits than their male counterparts, a recent CBC Marketplace investigation found. And last November, a server at Biermrkt in Toronto spoke out against the double standard in what women were required to wear.

But none of them had to do with the cut of the clothes
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