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mOnk on 25 Dec - 11:34
Lubie_Dzem on 1 Dec - 18:15
Enemy Territory! :D Btw hey Fragger, nice to hearing from you :)
ItsFragger on 30 Nov - 21:45
Hey guys. This site looks quite messed up. Are there any good online games around and do gaming communities like this one still exist?
SaSuKe_Sof on 27 Nov - 09:43
Wow shit, so many bots posting on forums =/
SaSuKe_Sof on 27 Nov - 09:39
where? what? xD
Kingscrown on 24 Nov - 21:54
Reunion started!
Ask me for more information.
xP.Bo0m on 24 Nov - 13:37
Kingscrown on 23 Nov - 19:47
Yeah we are back! :D
Lubie_Dzem on 23 Nov - 19:44
so manz ppl on website ŁD
Lubie_Dzem on 21 Nov - 19:34
Would be nice :)


[Instruction | ET] In-game guide

If you experience errors while playing or if you've got problems with other programs, ask for support here.

[Instruction | ET] In-game guide

Postby Flame Guards » Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:10 pm

In-game Guide

This topic currently contains 5 instructions.
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Flame Guards
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[Instruction | ET] Private messaging

Postby Flame Guards » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:50 pm

Private Messaging
Author: Ackenar

Hi, all!
Wanna send PMs in-game and don't know how to do it?
Don't worry, the AcK will tell you...

Ok, first u have to do is open the console. To send private messages, it ONLY works on the console.

U can open the console by pressing the console key (generally the one above "Tab" and at left side of "1" key. Under the "Esc" key.

Ok, imagine that u wanna send a private message to me. Example:
/m AcK Hi! How are you?
Well... if u do it like that, then all players who contains the word ACK in their nicks (BLACK GUN / SHOOT IN THE BACK / BACKSTABBER / etc...) will receive the private message.

To write it ONLY for me, u will have to be secure that u define exactly the most letters of the nick. Example:
/m AcKeN Hi! How are you?
Then, probably i will be the only one who receive your private message.

If u wanna send a private to all FGs. Example:
/m FG Hi all!
Then all FGs will receive the message.
Sometimes there are players that have the letters fg in their nicks. To prevent to include them in the private message, u can do this:
/m |FG| Hi all!

Anyways, in prevention of include non-members in the private messages, when there are many many players online, If i wanna say to FG members: "Guys, I've found a cheater", i always send BEFORE a short message, like this:
/m FG Guys...
and then i check the list (just when u send the private message by pressing "Enter", it appears a list with the nicks of the players who received the message. Example:
/m FG Guys...
Message to: -|FG|-AcKeNaR, -|FG|-LightningStrike, -|FG|-Sig Sauger. -|FG|-Fragger, -|FG|-Rainbow, Afgan soldier: Guys...

If i see (like in the example above) that a non-FG member, did received the message, i change the FG, and write |FG| before send the rest of the message.

Because if u send a message containing private FG info, without specifying the correct Tag, then that guy (Afgan Soldier), will be able to read the message too.

Notice that ALL things u write in the console, stay in memory, and u can call them back by pressing "UP-ARROW" (with the console opened). Each time u press "UP-ARROW" key, the last message and the one before, will be appearing, so if u have to send it again, u just can send it again by select it, and press "Enter".
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Flame Guards
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[Instruction | ET] Console functions

Postby Flame Guards » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:51 pm

Console functions
Author: Ackenar

The console is like a MS-DOS window that allow us to do commands, or write, or see some things about the game which are not usually appearing in the game screen.

We can open it with the key at left side of "1" key. Under "Esc" key, and above the Tab key. From now on, i will define it as "CK" (Console Key)

There exist 3 ways to open the Console:
To open it in normal size: Just press the CK (Console Key).
To open it in Full Screen: Ctrl+CK (Control key + Console Key).
To open it in small size: Alt+CK ("Alt" key + Console Key).

To close the Console, just press the CK again.

When u open the Console, u can scroll up/down with the wheel of your mouse. This is useful if u wanna check something happened in the game, like the things written by the players, or the events (kills, deaths, teamkills, dynos planted or commands posts constructed info, etc...)

If your mouse doesn't have wheel, don't worry... u just can press the "Page up" or "Page Down" (at right side of "Start" and "End" keys. Just above the direction arrows).

Sometimes it happens that u open the console and u only see this:
No problem, just press Ctrl+End, and it will scroll to the End of the Console text.
Notice that the Console space for keep the text and events is limited. I mean that when new text is showed... the text at the top of the console, will disappear. So if u wanna check something, don't do it too late. Hehehe...

You can use the Console to call commands. And to write PMs (Private Messages) too.

Whatever u write in the Console it keeps it in the memory, so u can call again the last text u wrote, only pressing the UP ARROW in ur keyboard, and then press "Enter" to send it again. Each time u press UP ARROW, it will show the last message or command typed, the one before the last one, the one before the one before the last one, and so on....
Notice that the memory for that, is limited too.

U can type !help, so u can see the commands you're allowed to use during the game. Example: !admintest (This will show, your admin level in the server you're connected to)

If you have the WHALECIENT installed (you can get it in our "Downloads" section), you can also call the !pizza, !beer, !coffee, and !cookie commands.

At the time to write and apply game commands, we can write the 1st part of the command, and then press the "Tab" key for a list of available commands for that combination.
So, this way we have...

If you write '/cg_po' and then u press the "Tab" key, the available commands starting with 'cg_po" will appear in the list, so u can choose the desired one.

We don't have to write the whole command, for example '/cg_AtmosphericEffects'

Just type 'cg_Atmos' and press the "Tab" key.
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Flame Guards
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[Instruction | ET] Nickname colors

Postby Flame Guards » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:51 pm

Nickname colors

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory supports color codes. This means that you can color your nickname in almost every color!

Generally, you can add colors to your nickname by entering a ^ followed by a character in the console. For example: ^1 will create red letters and ^d will color the text blue.

^u[^*Fl^7A^*me-Gu^7A^*rds^u] --> [FlAme-GuArds]

The image below displays a variety of color codes.
You can change your name in the console with the /name command.

The Flame Guards website allows you to experiment with colors. Press 'NickColor' in the 'Modules' menu at the top of the forums.
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Flame Guards
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[Instruction | ET] Binds

Postby Flame Guards » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:51 pm

Author: Ackenar

Hi guyz!
As many players ask me how to make some kind of binds, i will put an explanation here.
Here we go:

In Shrubet mod, there are some options we can say, just typing some keys. They are called "Text Shortcuts".

Well, Shrubet has these shortcuts:

[A] - Past person who gave you ammo.
[D] - Last person who killed you.
[H] - Last person who gave you health.
[K] - Last person you killed.
[L] - Your current location. (Coordinates of your location)
[N] - Your nickname.
[R] - Last person who revived you.
[P] - Teammate you are pointing at.
[S] - Your health (HP).
[W] - Weapon you are currently holding.
[T] - Ammo u have in current weapon.


There exists 2 types of binds:
1- Binds which have only TEXT.
2- Binds which have TEXT and VOICE.

Bind Type 1. TEXT:
If we open console and type this...:
/bind X say Hi to all!
(This will show to all players the message "Hi to all" when u press the key u binded)
/bind X say_team Hi to all!
(This will show to all your TEAM the message "Hi to all" when u press the key u binded)

Bind Type 2. TEXT and VOICE:
If we open the console and type this...:
/bind X vsay Hi Hi to all, mates!
(This will show to all players the message "Hi to all, mates!" while sound the voice "HI" when u press the key u binded)
/bind X vsay_team Hi Hi to all, mates!
(This will show to all ypur TEAM the message "Hi to all, mates!" while sound the voice "HI" when u press the key u binded)

So, we have "say" or "vsay" (ALL PLAYERS will Read/Listen it)
and "say_team" or "vsay_team" (ONLY ze players in OUR TEAM will Hear/Listen it).


Nice! Hehehe...


How to make binds CHANGING the TEXT that appears when we do a VOICE COMMAND and using the Text Shortcuts:
Is simple, we just have to ADD the text we want to appear, at the end of the bind.

For example...:
/bind X vsay_team NeedAmmo I need ammo for my [W], because i only have [T]
(This will show to players in your team the message "I need ammo for my Thompson, because I only have 15/0!" (Depending of which weapon are you holding and how many ammo rest) while sound the voice "I Need Ammo!" when u press the key u binded)

Other examples...:
/bind X vsay_team Medic Please medic, come to help me, i only have [S] HP!
/bind X vsay_team Incoming Warning guys! They r coming from [L]

U can make some very cool binds using this Text Shortcuts.

But remember to use correctly the "vsay" and "vsay_team" depending the information you want to say, because if you say it for all, instead for your team... then u maybe will give to the enemy some important info.

Well, sorry if this post is long. Tried to explain it the most clear and fully possible.

Greetings to all!
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[Instruction | ET] VSay codes

Postby Flame Guards » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:53 pm

1. Statements
1.1 - Path cleared. - PathCleared
1.2 - The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
1.3 - All clear. - AllClear
1.4 - Incoming! - Incoming
1.5 - Fire in the hole! - FireInTheHole
1.6 - I'm defending. - OnDefense
1.7 - I'm attacking. - OnOffense
1.8 - Taking fire! - TakingFire
1.9 - Mines cleared. - MinesCleared
1.0 - Enemy in disguise. - EnemyDisguised

2. Requests
2.1 - Medic! - Medic
2.2 - I need ammo! - NeedAmmo
2.3 - I need backup! - NeedBackup
2.4 - We need an engineer! - NeedEngineer
2.5 - Cover me! - CoverMe
2.6 - Hold fire! - HoldFire
2.7 - Where to? - WhereTo
2.8 - We need Covert Ops! - NeedOps

3. Commands
3.1 - Follow me! - FollowMe
3.2 - Let's go! - LetsGo
3.3 - Move! - Move
3.4 - Clear the path! - ClearPath
3.5 - Defend our objective! - DefendObjective
3.6 - Disarm the dynamite! - DisarmDynamite
3.7 - Clear the mines! - ClearMines
3.8 - Reinforce the offense! - ReinforceOffense
3.9 - Reinforce the defense! - ReinforceDefense

4. Talk
4.1 - Yes! - Affirmative
4.2 - No! - Negative
4.3 - Thanks a lot! - Thanks
4.4 - You're welcome. - Welcome
4.5 - Sorry! - Sorry
4.6 - Oops! - Oops

5. Global
5.1 - Yes! - Affirmative
5.2 - No! - Negative
5.3 - The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
5.4 - Hi! - Hi
5.5 - Bye. - Bye
5.6 - Great shot! - GreatShot
5.7 - Yeah! - Cheer
5.8.1 - Thanks a lot! - Thanks
5.8.2 - You're welcome. - Welcome
5.8.3 - Oops! - Oops
5.8.4 - Sorry! - Sorry
5.8.5 - Hold your fire! - HoldFire
5.8.6 - Good game! - GoodGame

6. Function
6.1 - I'm a soldier. - IamSoldier
6.2 - I'm a medic. - IamMedic
6.3 - I'm an engineer. - IamEngineer
6.4 - I'm a field ops. - IamFieldOps
6.5 - I'm a covert ops. - IamCovertOps

7. Objectives
7.1 - Command acknowledged! - CommandAcknowledged
7.2 - Command declined! - CommandDeclined
7.3 - Command completed! - CommandCompleted
7.4 - Destroy the primary objective! - DestroyPrimary
7.5 - Destroy the secondary objective! - DestroySecondary
7.6 - Destroy the construction! - DestroyConstruction
7.7 - Construction underway! - ConstructionCommencing
7.8 - Repair the vehicle! - RepairVehicle
7.9 - Destroy the vehicle! - DestroyVehicle
7.0 - Escort the vehicle! - EscortVehicle

Attack! - FTAttack
Fall back! - FTFallBack
Cover me! - FTCoverMe
Disarm the dynamite! - FTDisarmDynamite
Fall back! - FTFallBack
Soldier, covering fire! - FTCoveringFire
Deploy mortar! - FTMortar
Heal the squad! - FTHealSquad
Heal me! - FTHealMe
Revive team mate! - FTReviveTeamMate
Revive me! - FTReviveMe
Destroy objective! - FTDestroyObjective
Repair objective! - FTRepairObjective
Construct the objective! - FTConstructObjective
Deploy landmines! - FTDeployLandmines
Disarm landmines! - FTDisarmLandmines
Call airstrike! - FTCallAirStrike
Call artillery! - FTCallArtillery
Resupply squad! - FTResupplySquad
Resupply me! - FTResupplyMe
Explore area! - FTExploreArea
Check for land mines! - FTCheckLandMines
Destroy satchel objective! - FTSatchelObjective
Infiltrate! - FTInfiltrate
Go undercover! - FTGoUndercover
Provide sniper cover! - FTProvideSniperCover
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