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mOnk on 10 Sep - 10:43
Comet030 on 21 Jul - 23:41
Holy **** it's been a while!
Martijn on 3 May - 23:13
Those good old days...
rakshajain on 6 Mar - 11:49
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GunneR on 24 Jan - 00:51
Hey guys! Do you remember me? Maybe some meeting on some server?
blueseo on 17 Dec - 05:42
Sweta.ets on 1 Dec - 07:40
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yourdog on 6 Sep - 12:23
Is FG dead ?
yourdog on 2 Sep - 09:50
FG et server were the best back then in the good old days I really miss those.
Black-Soldier on 1 Sep - 13:42
Same here. ET was great! BF on the other hand was boring - especially after BC2.


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