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-|FG|-IoNiDe on 9 Nov - 22:09
There is no spoon without a woman!
Hadmaster on 11 Oct - 09:50
Please post e new link for the FG discord. Thx
anavisharma on 4 Oct - 07:58
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marcin on 16 Jun - 16:54
Wassup, FG#3 still down? Dammit.
BlackMen on 12 Jun - 23:10
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Self_Revolution on 21 Apr - 13:28
Looks like people always find their way back here
H4rl3 on 5 Apr - 11:16
sup Kanu :) Theres a discord-channel where you can find FGs.


Cheeers, Harle
Kanu on 4 Apr - 19:16
on nostalgy trip i checked if fg is still alive.
and somehow i remembered my login aswel
GunneR on 13 Jan - 12:24
Guys, are you still alive? Are there any servers in ET where could we play together?
Lubie_Dzem on 7 Apr - 22:26
WHAAAZZZZAAAAAAA!!!!Kaka https://discord.gg/zMgCK5 !



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Postby Shifangjing » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:06 am

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