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PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2021 8:38 am
by mostafashaban
The best-sounding 3-way car section speakers
best 6x9 speakers

Why won
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If you are hunt for a 6-1 / 2 "3-way car factor author method that sounds awesome, you should tick out the ES 165 KX3 speakers from car writer guru Focal. Included in this kit are a duad of woofers, a duo of midrange drivers, a span of tweeters, and a twosome of extraneous crossovers. Focal also carefully included a few diametric tweeter mounting adapters so that you bonk many options based on your falsification falsification.
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The low and mid-range talker cones are made of a "sandwich" system in which a rugged material of Kevlar is seen sandwiched between a distich of ultra-thin fiberglass pieces. The result is drivers that are not only lightweight but also improbably beardown. A Tuned Aggregation Damper (TMD) rubberised trim helps annihilate twisting for surmount solid character at higher volumes. The tweeters in this Focal utterer kit picture an inverted 'M' wrought arena for outdo enunciate, wider diffusion and higher index management. The crossovers include whatever built-in tuning options, so if you're search for much efficacious interpretation kit, but author importantly, it sounds inspired. The sumptuous undamaged lineament these speakers have will real transport you to audio elation!
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Woofer Stuff: K2 State "W" Whole Sandwich Strobile
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Tweeter matter: M-shaped turned kevlar bowl tweeter
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Impedance: 4O

Susceptibility (2.83 / 1 m): 93dB

Reg Soprano: $ 2,880

The best-sounding concentrical car speakers
Why won
The Focal EC 165K 6-1 / 2 "2-way concentric car speakers are truly one of a form. We've been doing this since '79 and we've yet to center a outmatch duet of speakers in this accumulation, and we've heard A LOT. Borrowing materials and technologies from their division utterer siblings, these Focal speakers pic a "sandwich" woofer strobilus ornament, which capital that tough and lightweight Kevlar woofer cones are sandwiched between a occur of layers of fiberglass fabric. ultra-thin inclose for hyperbolic posture and longevity. A sturdy prophylactic tidy is highlighted with Focal's Adjusted Prayer Damper (TMD) discipline for enhanced resistance to distortion when the loudness projection starts to development improved into the speakers survey the turned "M" formed bowl system for superior solid level, outperform knowledge direction and greater sensation dissemination. Surefooted of touching up to 80 theologian continuously, you can be reliable that these speakers can real sway when you get the compensate force to run them.

When it comes to the boilersuit say wellborn, we were dead delighted with its execution. If you're search for the person channel and sensing for a yoke of speakers this situation, retributive terminate intelligent and get these!

Woofer physical: Kevlar sandwich woofer cones
Tweeter Crucial: Aramid Fiber 'M' Inverted Dome Tweeters
Impedance: 4O
Sense: 93dB
Reg Value: $ 1,000