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marcin on 16 Jun - 16:54
Wassup, FG#3 still down? Dammit.
BlackMen on 12 Jun - 23:10
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Self_Revolution on 21 Apr - 13:28
Looks like people always find their way back here
H4rl3 on 5 Apr - 11:16
sup Kanu :) Theres a discord-channel where you can find FGs.


Cheeers, Harle
Kanu on 4 Apr - 19:16
on nostalgy trip i checked if fg is still alive.
and somehow i remembered my login aswel
GunneR on 13 Jan - 12:24
Guys, are you still alive? Are there any servers in ET where could we play together?
Lubie_Dzem on 7 Apr - 22:26
WHAAAZZZZAAAAAAA!!!!Kaka https://discord.gg/zMgCK5 !
Kakashi on 2 Apr - 21:30
Lubie_Dzem on 15 Feb - 21:13
AcK heyo! Say Hi to more FG guys here https://discord.gg/xwN5gV See you there :)
AcKeNaR on 13 Feb - 20:10
Yeheee...! Guess who is back over here for a visit...


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League of Legends is an action RTS video game developed by Riot Games.

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Postby xiaoying123 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:57 am

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If it turns out your provider will not pay, you need to find out a way to cover the whole cost on your own. Find out if your doctor offers any discounts to help with the cost. Some doctors run specials, or have a lower price when you pay it all upfront. They often also have a few different fees they charge, depending on what you need. Find out if you can lower the cost at all by getting the surgery in their office instead of a hospital, provided it is safe. You may also be able to forego certain medications or extra appointments to reduce the cost, but just make sure it is worth it and still safe.

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The Islip Motor Speedway, which opened in 1947 and closed its doors in 1984 was a popular local auto-racing track and is remembered fondly for being the source of some great auto racing trivia.

The shortest track on record ever driven on by the top dogs of NASCAR was the .20 [210 mile] oval track at Islip Speedway in Islip, New York.

Islip Speedway is also the home of the first ever Demolition Derby. In 1958, owner Larry Mendelsohn promoted the first recorded Demolition Derby, making the Islip Speedway, "the Birthplace of the Demolition Derby".

NASCAR - Grand National Events where held at Islip Speedway from June 1964 to July 1971 Cheap Alejandro Villanueva Jersey , except for the years 1969 and 1970.

Some of the NASCAR Grand National Highlights at Islip Speedway where as follows:

Billy Wade was NASCAR Rookie of the Year in 1963. He won only four [4] races in his career. His four [4] consecutive victories came in 9 days from July 10 to July 19, 1964, one of which was won at Islip Speedway while driving for Bud Moore. Billy Wade died while testing tires in Daytona, Florida.

Richard Petty's 1967 season was and will be the most dominant season ever run. The season earned him the title "The King." 27 wins in 49 races.

Richard Petty's 1971 victory marked the last NASCAR Grand National event held at the Islip Speedway.

In 1966, Bobby Allison brings home the 2nd of his 84 career wins and the 11th of 84 in 1968.

Islip Speedway became a casualty of NASCAR's march of progress. In 1972, NASCAR entered the modern era with 31 races. Winston became the major sponsor and demanded that all races fewer than 250 miles in length dropped. With the loss of NASCAR events Cheap Chris Boswell Jersey , Islip lost its drawing card.

Demolition Derby - As mentioned above, Islip Speedway is known as the "Birthplace of Demolition Derby".

The only real qualification needed to participate in a Demo Derby is a valid driver's license.

The cars used are generally rust buckets, gleaned from salvage yards, salvage auctions, repair station back lots, people's backyards Cheap Stephon Tuitt Jersey , and country fields and barns. Most are American made sedans and hardtops, or station wagons.

The old cars prepped by removing all glass except the windshields, grilles, headlights, rear seats, and side-view mirrors Cheap Jesse James Jersey , have their standard gas tanks removed and usually replaced with a 5-gallon plastic container mounted securely in the area of the extricated back seat. This is for obvious safety reasons. Likewise, the car battery mounted by the front driver's seat is so instead of in the engine compartment where batteries are usually located.

To win a Demolition Derby usually means you have the last car running under its own power.

In its hay-day, Demo Derbies played on television on ABC's "Wide World of Sports" and even raced at the Old Polo Grounds in New York.

As happened to many old local auto-racing tracks, Islip Speedway went the way of the wrecking ball and the property turned into a shopping mall.

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