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RedNeckRookie on 11 May - 19:43
holy sh*t what a trip down the memory lane this is. used to play ET daily back in 2006-2008
-|FG|-IoNiDe on 9 Nov - 22:09
There is no spoon without a woman!
Hadmaster on 11 Oct - 09:50
Please post e new link for the FG discord. Thx
marcin on 16 Jun - 16:54
Wassup, FG#3 still down? Dammit.
BlackMen on 12 Jun - 23:10
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Self_Revolution on 21 Apr - 13:28
Looks like people always find their way back here
H4rl3 on 5 Apr - 11:16
sup Kanu :) Theres a discord-channel where you can find FGs.


Cheeers, Harle
Kanu on 4 Apr - 19:16
on nostalgy trip i checked if fg is still alive.
and somehow i remembered my login aswel
GunneR on 13 Jan - 12:24
Guys, are you still alive? Are there any servers in ET where could we play together?
Lubie_Dzem on 7 Apr - 22:26
WHAAAZZZZAAAAAAA!!!!Kaka https://discord.gg/zMgCK5 !



League of Legends is an action RTS video game developed by Riot Games.

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Postby Confector » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:29 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is League of Legends ?
A:League of Legends is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game based on DotA (Defense of the Ancients).

Q:Is the game free to play ?
A:The game itself is free to play, but real money can be used to buy champions and skins for them to differ from another. Though it doesn't give any advantage over other players, as it doesn't affect the gameplay.

Q:What is the Nexus ?
A:Nexus is the main structure of the team. Destruction of it ends with opposite team victory. Also, it's the source of minions.

Q:What are the Turrets ?
A:Turret is a defending structure, which defends the lanes, ending in the middle with the Nexus. Two Turrets in front of the Nexus are more powerful than the rest.

Q:What is the Inhibitor ?
A:Inhibitor is a structure located between the Nexus and the Turret. Destroying it causes you to respawn super minions, who are stronger than the normal ones. The Inhibitor is respawnable.

Q:What can I do with the Riot Points? How to obtain them?
A:Riot Point is in-game currency. These can be bought for real money and used for skins/champions.

Q:What can I do with Influence Points? How to obtain them?
A:Influence Point is also in-game currency, but it's obtainable by playing matches. Influence Points can be used to buy runes, champions.

Q:What is the in-game gold for ?
A:In-game gold is for in-game store to buy armor, weapons and consumables.

Q:My team is saying things like mid, bot, ss etc. What do they mean?
A:These are short version of words to save time. The meanings can be found here.

Q:Is it normal to wait an hour in queue ?
A:Yes. The upcoming update splits Europe into 2 parts and it should make the situation a little bit better.

Q:What are the runes?
A:Runes are like glyphs, used in the runebook for extra stats (e/g health, mana, critical hit rating etc.).

Good job, here are your cookies.
Cheers, Pepzi.
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