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RedNeckRookie on 11 May - 19:43
holy sh*t what a trip down the memory lane this is. used to play ET daily back in 2006-2008
-|FG|-IoNiDe on 9 Nov - 22:09
There is no spoon without a woman!
Hadmaster on 11 Oct - 09:50
Please post e new link for the FG discord. Thx
marcin on 16 Jun - 16:54
Wassup, FG#3 still down? Dammit.
BlackMen on 12 Jun - 23:10
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Self_Revolution on 21 Apr - 13:28
Looks like people always find their way back here
H4rl3 on 5 Apr - 11:16
sup Kanu :) Theres a discord-channel where you can find FGs.


Cheeers, Harle
Kanu on 4 Apr - 19:16
on nostalgy trip i checked if fg is still alive.
and somehow i remembered my login aswel
GunneR on 13 Jan - 12:24
Guys, are you still alive? Are there any servers in ET where could we play together?
Lubie_Dzem on 7 Apr - 22:26
WHAAAZZZZAAAAAAA!!!!Kaka https://discord.gg/zMgCK5 !


Quide to Recon class

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Quide to Recon class

Postby Kofeiini » Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:25 pm

Quide to wreacking havoc with Recon class

Recon is pretty much the hardest class to play properly in Battlefield 3. When I say “Proper”, I mean not camping on some mountain and being useless to your team.


If you’re going to roll with a more sniper style Recon, soflam is a good choise for that. Place the soflam so that it’s mostly hidden thus making it harder for the enemy armor to destroy. Behind rocks or hills, the ideal is if you can hide it behind a tree leaves and some rock, so it won’t be as easy to spot.
Good example of using Soflam/Sniper is to spawn at A on Caspian Border (US side), place the soflam on the hills toward the Gas Station / Hilltop, then move to snipe to the right of the hills. Support especially troops moving to C, and spot people on Hilltop if your team is going for it.

TUG-S is a very handy tool if you are playing a bit more aggressively and going for the objective. Head for smaller areas, so that the TUG-S will cover all the ways enemy can come in from and you’ll have the advantage of already pointing him in the head when he comes around the corner. I’ll give two examples of usage, 1 defensive, 1 offensive.

1. Kharg island
While infiltrating C, head into some of the open buildings, crouch on some corner and place T-UGS somewhere where it can’t be shot or locked on. Preferably somewhere else where you choose to sit, since the sound of the beebs can be traced to your location if you choose to put it on your feet.

2. Caspian Border
While infiltrating Hilltop, it’s very usefull to place T-UGS somewhere on the root of the hilltop, especially if you’re coming from C. You’ll see all whose moving on top of you and if someone decides to jump down from there and flank you, you’ll know before it’s too late to react.

MAV is pretty much the same as T-UGS, except it’s easier to deploy (ever hate placing a T-UGS, when it seems never to be deployed anywhere?) and easier to spot/destroy. There are few advantages while using a MAV though. If you’re having hard time rooting someone out of some roof, for example in Back To Karkand or some of the Aftermath maps, you can use MAV to fly to the location, lock on enemy equipment and destroy them, and like I usually do for the grand finale, ram the MAV on the campers head.
Other nice feature with MAV is that you can use it as a mobile T-UGS, so you can fly it to some locations where it’ll be very hard to destroy and leave it there to detect enemies for your team (Unaccessible rooms in Seine Crossing, some roof tops in Back To Karkand and so on.)

You usually see people using MAV by flying around with it, but in my honest opinion, that’s A: Very boring B: Not very usefull unless playing with low amount of people, where knowledge is matter of life and death. (For example, 4x4 squad rush with Team speak)

Killing with the MAV
You need to ram your mav to the targets head to get the kill. Aim the bottom of the MAV to the targets head. It’s quite tricky, took me 600-700 kills to manage it 70-80% of the attempts. Also, if your targets aware of the MAV, you need to fly in spirals. Killing with the MAV is mostly just waste of time, but can be useful if there’s for example a bipod LMG in some very, very nasty spot in rush. (bolt action still does the job quite neatly, 99% of the times)
NOTE: Killing Mortars might seem like a good idea, but unfortunately I’ve managed to kill a mortar guy only once or twice and I’ve tried many, many times.
NOTE2: MAV gets destroyed if you succeed on the kill.

Please note that all equipment can be locked on and you might not want to camp on top of ‘em in case someone decides to take a Javelin out for your soflam.

Spawn Beacon:
The most usefull equipment with the Recon class. Can be used to flank enemies in rush, metro CQ etc. Also gives your squad better capability to push for the objective, especially in Hard Core mode where you can spawn on your squad leader only. If playing HC, I’d advice not to be the squad leader if you going to use Beacon.

In airmaps, you spawn with the parachute if your Beacon is outdoors. If you place it under something, you’ll spawn directly to the beacon. I usually prefer to always place it indoors or under something, since the parachute gives your location out very easily. How ever, you can sometimes place it so that you’ll land behind the enemy lines, if the enemy line is very solid and can’t be flanked from elsewhere. Can be also used to get into some roofs or antenna in Caspian Border, which is pretty useless most of the time.


1. Bolt actions
Bolt actions are very handy and when handled well, you can kill anyone you see in the map. If playing with a bolt, keep in mind that suppression hurts Recon class the most. If your screen is blurry at all, you will most likely miss. If fighting against another sniper, hide behind rocks until your screen is all clear. If you intend to play with high magnification scopes and play a bit more aggressively, I suggest to check out Drag-shots and start practicing. (Youtube BF3 Drag shot tutorial or w/e the name was). If you’re beginner with the bolts, M98B will be the easiest to start with since it has the highest bullet speed and lowest bulletdrop. (Meaning you need to take less advance to mobile targets and aim less above the heads.)
If you’re going to play HC and know the ranges are between 100-300m, SV98 or M40 will be good choises since all you need is a body shot…
Don’t look too much to the scopes “distance lines”, since they don’t mean too much. 2-3k kills with a Bolt and you start knowing where to aim by merely how big the guy in your scope looks like. Also, notice that when shooting upwards, you need to aim less above the target and when shooting downwards vice versa.

2. Semi-autos
Semi autos are good if you’re going to play the Recon aggressively and the bolts are a problem. I wouldn’t camp & snipe with a semi-auto, since you lose the element of surprise the bolt has. With semi auto’s, start with M417 or SKS, get used to using them with hipfire in close quarter situations and aim down sight with longer distance shots (30-50m+). Even with semis you’ll notice the suppression will do wonders against you.

3. Sub-machine guns
Sub-machine guns are quite handy with a Recon if you’re going for the objective. With this weapon type, you need to pay attention to your advantages: Close quarter and hipfire capability. When you are running around with a submachine gun, don’t engage assault rifles or people camping with their head only showing from longer ranges. Also, you need to pay attention to how you move on the map. Go from rock to rock, when being shot with AR’s from longer range, try to cut down the distance by moving behind cover, or then just wait ‘til the enemy comes to you. If you have your T-UGS on your feet, you’ll have the advantage of knowledge and close quarter capability. Same strategies apply to shotguns as well pretty much, except you need to force the enemies to close quarter even more.

Feel free to ask anything/comment/correct.
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Re: Quide to Recon class

Postby thechubtub » Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:06 am

Great guide man!

If you wanna be a good sniper, you gotta think like a good sniper. I do use the distance lines though, easier for me!
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Re: Quide to Recon class

Postby Kofeiini » Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:44 am

Oh, I use the lines as well, but you can't always aim with a line that sais 400m, because of the ballistics. Your target is higher or lower than you are, you need to adjust the aim correctly. I just aim by the feeling, pretty much "How big does the guy in my scope look" kind of thing, and then measure according to the angle.
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