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Interview #6 Cybershot

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:57 pm
by Yeti


Yeti : What do you like the most about Flame-Guards and playing on our servers?

Cybershot : The people. It's always fun at the forum, playing at the servers and on TS :)

Yeti : When you are on TS, about what do you speak then ?

Cybershot : Im not much on ts. Some times when playing ET or lately with VWO about the website.

Yeti : About Flame-Guards, does something have to be improved for you ?

Cybershot : More regulars on the servers, but nothing more

Yeti : How can we bring regulars back to our servers ? What would you do ? :D

Cybershot : Promoting the servers. Creating some service which people want

Yeti : What kind of service?

Cybershot : We are busy with something, but im not gonna tell you cause its a surprise :)

Yeti : Ah comeone :D give us a hint!

Cybershot : Nope :P

Yeti : :'( ;D What are your negative and positive points? ( be honest )

Cybershot : this is hard, negative can rage sometimes. Positive like to help ppl

Yeti : What are the reasons that you rage sometimes ? :D

Cybershot : mostly stupid teammates, or just my own faults

Yeti : hehe :D Do you make many faults ? :D

Cybershot : nah not that much :P

Yeti : Hihi , So do you have a Girlfriend / Boyfriend ?

Cybershot : No

Yeti : Are u planning to get one ? :D

Cybershot : im not really searching, but i do not not want one :P

Yeti : hehe :P So what are your sports and hobbies ?

Cybershot : I play football in the weekends with friend, but thats all for sports(don't have time for more). And hobbies is just mostly gaming in the evening. I don't really have that much time for other hobbies.

Yeti : On what postion do you like the most to play in football ?

Cybershot : We don't really play like that, its more 3v3 or 4v4. But at school i usually played defender

Yeti : Cool :D And what for games do you play the most ?

Cybershot : Atm mostly League of Legends. Before that CoD 4. And before that ofcourse ET

Yeti : In what game do you PWN the most ? :D

Cybershot : Different every day. I can get huge scores in each game :)

Yeti : hehehe :p So what do you study / What do you do for work?

Cybershot : I study Informatica at bachelor grade. And i work at the Albert Heijn and at a website design/build company for school

Yeti : Wow seems that you are a busy man ;D

Cybershot : You could say that yes :)

Yeti : Oke this is the last question , If there was one thing you could change in the world, what would it be?

Cybershot : Stop the war. The money spend at the army's atm is more then enough to solve all the other problems of this world(hunger, crisis, etc..)

Yeti : Thanks alot for this great interview, take care !

Cybershot : No problem :)! Question for you: Who's your next candidate? :)

Yeti : haha :D Well stupid asked me today 11/09 but he aint online that bastard ! But i need more candidates! I gues they are shy :(

Cybershot : Well tell that stupid stupid to come online and stay put for some time, to give the community what they want :D

Yeti : Haha i will do that XD !Slap stupido

1. The chilling pic or he's looking at a hot girl :D

PS, If you are intrested in a interview don't be shy but PM ME !

Re: Interview #6 Cybershot

PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:27 am
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Re: Interview #6 Cybershot

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Re: Interview #6 Cybershot

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Re: Interview #6 Cybershot

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Re: Interview #6 Cybershot

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