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Lubie_Dzem on 1 Dec - 18:15
Enemy Territory! :D Btw hey Fragger, nice to hearing from you :)
ItsFragger on 30 Nov - 21:45
Hey guys. This site looks quite messed up. Are there any good online games around and do gaming communities like this one still exist?
SaSuKe_Sof on 27 Nov - 09:43
Wow shit, so many bots posting on forums =/
SaSuKe_Sof on 27 Nov - 09:39
where? what? xD
Kingscrown on 24 Nov - 21:54
Reunion started!
Ask me for more information.
xP.Bo0m on 24 Nov - 13:37
Kingscrown on 23 Nov - 19:47
Yeah we are back! :D
Lubie_Dzem on 23 Nov - 19:44
so manz ppl on website ŁD
Lubie_Dzem on 21 Nov - 19:34
Would be nice :)
Kingscrown on 15 Nov - 23:10


New Members

News posted by the Flame Guards community.

Re: New Members

Postby Bellaaaa » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:29 am

and nobody was ready for what came next,Juice was loose, especially not Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick.

Nick Vigil and Vontaze Burfict miss,After making linebackers Vincent Ray, Bell drilled Kirkpatrick with as wicked a stiff-arm as we've seen by a Steelers running back.

” Bell said,“I don't know what happened or what came over me on that play, “but that was one of the better stiff-arms of my life.”

second-and-2 check-down pass into a highlight-reel 42-yard gain,Bell turned a simple, stiff-arming Cincinnati into submission in the second quarter of the Steelers' 29-14 AFC North victory Sunday.

It was a play that had even Steelers Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis shaking his head in admiration.

“Impressive stiff-arm,” Bettis said. Authentic Phillip Dorsett Jersey, “My stiff-arm was never as good as his.

“That's what a special player does: You find a way to extend the play. That could have been a good gain, but he turned it into a 40-yard play because of his ability. ,[url=']Authentic Ryan Kelly Jersey[/url],That's the gift that he has.”

Bell was the gift that kept on giving, wearing out the Bengals by rushing for 134 yards on 35 carries and catching three passes for 58 yards.womens Henry Anderson Jersey>

It followed a 179-yard rushing game at Kansas City marking the first time in his career that Bell rushed for 125 yards in back-to-back regular-season games and becoming the first Steeler to do so since Willie Parker in 2007.Authentic Jaelen Strong Jersey,

“This is what we've come to expect from him but when he does it,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “He's rolling well,Authentic T.J. Green Jersey, it's the product of a lot of things. The guys up front, obviously. I thought the wideout perimeter blocking was excellent. It's an 11-man job to run the football for us.”

Bell started by crediting the blocking of fullback Roosevelt Nix and the offensive line,womens Le'Raven Clark Jersey, noting they were the reason the Bengals weren't filling holes with the same ferocity in the second half. But this was as good as I've seen Bell run, whether it was making Bengals miss or breaking their attempts to arm tackle him.

“It's great seeing him get loose,<Authentic D'Joun Smith Jersey hitting the holes hard,,” Steelers right guard David DeCastro said. “He's such a special player. You really appreciate when you see him do it, guys blocking and pushing the pile. That's fun.

“That's the Le'Veon we know and have come to love.womens Myles Jack Jersey, It's great when your stars play like stars.”

The score was tied 14-14 when Bell broke that big play to the Bengals' 17. The Steelers settled for the first of Chris Boswell's five field goals.,womens Jaelen Strong Jersey

As good as the Steelers offense was,<Authentic Myles Jack Jersey, it converted only 2 of 11 third downs and 1 of 6 in the red zone, including 1 of 3 in goal-to-go scenarios. Or this would have been a bigger blowout.

But as Bell got better, as the Steelers dominated the second half. And it started with that stiff-arm, the Bengals got worse. They didn't score again, womens T.J. Green Jersey,”on a play where Bell claimed he had tunnel vision and didn't see the trail of Bengals he left in his wake.

especially early in the game,“When you have a play like that,” Bell said. “I felt like, ‘I broke a big run. Now, it gives you more confidence throughout the course of the game, I've got to wear these guys out. I've got to make them not want to tackle me anymore.' Over the course of the game, I started feeling like that.”

Bettis was among those impressedsaying Bell has “a chance to be one of the best ever,womens Ryan Kelly Jersey<, knowing that his rushing records are at risk as long as Bell is wearing the black and gold.

And Nix, the engine to his caboose,Authentic Le'Raven Clark Jersey,'believes that Bell is on fire.

“Le'Veon's a beast,” Nix said. “Every time he touches the ball,womens Phillip Dorsett Jersey,man, something magical can happen.

“He's no shortage of a physical back,Authentic Henry Anderson Jersey,'neither. He used to be bigger, so he runs hard. Don't think just because he's really patient that he won't bring some power with it.”

And use a stiff-arm for submission.'womens D'Joun Smith Jersey,
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Re: New Mefurnacembers

Postby chenchen12495 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:41 am

The furnace is a kind of fuel to provide the burning of the container, mostly fired clay, also made of wood, stone, metal, urn-shaped, pot-shaped, there are square. (Such as coal), combustion of fuel can be used to heat or heating objects, is an early household items commonly used in Japan, such a container called &quot;fire bowl&quot; (Japanese: fire bowl / ひ ば ち Hibachi).

Vacuum Furnace
Modern invention automation equipment, furnace direct use of fire (fuel furnace), electricity (electric arc furnace, induction furnace) to heat, for common household or industrial equipment. This modern equipment has no original &quot;furnace&quot; image, but &quot;furnace&quot; image in the religious appliances of the &quot;incense burner&quot; preserved.

Household furnaces are used primarily to heat objects in the furnace, such as air, steam or water. At present, the commonly used fuels used for heating are natural gas, fuel oil, coal and wood. Electric power is also often used for heating the furnace, especially in areas where electricity prices are relatively low.

Charcoal, using charcoal as fuel
custom vacuum furnace
Gas furnaces, using liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel

Card stove, use canned gas as fuel, wild camping is common

Induction Cooker

Electric ceramic heaters
vacuum sintering furnace custom
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Incense appliance

Postby chenchen12495 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:43 am

Incense appliances, multi-purpose life appliances or burning incense before the Buddha for. Modelling diversity, the Western Han Dynasty pottery Zhixun furnace and furnace of Boshan, Jin is the Song Dynasty celadon kiln burning fume furnace, North and South have fish ear drum furnace, furnace, furnace, nail nails Lianpan furnace, firing off the censer, Ming and Qing Dynasties Jingdezhen kiln blue and white rice, in the Xuande blue seawater lines ears three foot furnace the most.
custom vacuum furnace
Is the ancient incense burning furnace of the device, smoked furnace, furnace of incense, hands and feet. The ancients worship incense, incense use very much, the main function has three points: one is to study the Xunyi; second is essential, &quot;netrose night reading&quot; of the poem as evidence; third is used for worshipping buddha.
Vacuum Furnace

A l Hu -ch case NQ case i ng
Can [be masterly in proficiency as into Dan pure blue flames when impurities disappear] to the present alchemist refining pure blue, broad and profound knowledge and skills to metaphor point
A few of his performing art reached a pinnacle of degree
ceramic industry sintering furnace
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Kaspersky Customer Service +1-800-884-0365

Postby antivirushelp » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:26 am

If any users of Kaspersky is facing some technical issues such as ‘unable to activate Kaspersky’ or any other then they have an option to resolve the issues through Contact Kaspersky Contact Support +1-800-884-0365[/b] where they are assisted by our technicians.

Read more: kaspersky Customer Service
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