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Tiral Membership

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:34 pm
by P2th3Ro
Hi there,

Name : Gabriel aka Gab
Nick : P2th3Ro
Age : 18 (07. Dez, 1994)
From : Munich, Germany
Hobbys : Good question... At the moment it's gaming, football(american football as well as soccer), and stuff you do when you're 18... =)
Job/School/Uni : I just finished my school and i'll start studieng psychologie next year.
Server : ... E-RESPAWN/
Confirm that you have read: I have read and agree with all the rules

So maybe a bit more about me...
I play Battlefield since 2 year's, maybe more... I started playing on the xbox and played most of the time as a viper pilot. So i am a pretty good chopper pilot.
So that's everything so far... If you want some more information's feel free to ask. :)

Re: Tiral Membership

PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:52 pm
by I-2-Stupid
Moin Gabriel,
thanks for your application here!
Wait for Fraggers or one of our HA's replie!!!
in the meantime enjoy playing on our servers and ofc enjoy the time here in forums....


Re: Tiral Membership

PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:20 pm
by Fragger
hey gabriel,

i'd like to welcome you to our community as trial member. i'm going to set your forum rights (access to private member forum) and server rights (kil, kick and move players).

i read you are from munich and you are going to study psychology next winter term. cool, i'm living next to garching and study at the TUM.
it's definitely a good choice to study at the lmu what concerns girls hehe..


Re: Tiral Membership

PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:40 pm
by Lubie_Dzem
Welcome here Gabriel,
Enjoy your time at the servers :)

Be a good trial member.