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[IMPORTANT] Banned? Read first!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:05 pm
by Flame Guards
I am banned, what do I have to do?

If you are the unfortunate person who has been banned, please follow the following steps.

  1. Read the ban message carefully and take some time to calm down!
    It gives you useful information for writing an unban request. A smart thing to do is making a screenshot of it (F11 or in console /autoscreenshot). Give yourself some time to calm down and to put your ban into perspective. Don't rush into the forums and post an angry topic. It certainly will not help you!
  2. Give your topic the following syntax as title: [Playername] [temporarily banned/permanent banned] from [Servername] by [AdminName]
    For example: "Fragger temporarily banned from FG1 by Fragger". This nails the complete content of your post and is convenient to read. Please do not use capitals only!
  3. The content of your post should have the following structure:

    Code: Select all
    [b]Playername:[/b] [PlayerName]
    [b]Servername:[/b] [ServerName]
    [b]Ban Reason:[/b] [ReasonOfBan]
    [b]Date of Ban:[/b] [hh:mm] on [dd/mm/yyyy]
    [b]Banned By:[/b] [NameOfAdmin]


    [b]Why should we unban you?[/b]

  4. Wait for an admin to reply!
    When an admin has banned you from a particular server, he will check the forum later on. Don't flame your own topic to provoke reactions. If the admin thinks your unban request is reasonable he will lift your ban. Only admins of the particular server the ban is on should react!

The way described above is the only correct way to apply for an unban. The unban has to be objective* and not contain capital letters, insults or provoking language.

*Objective means undistorted by emotion or personal bias; based on observable phenomena.


It is possible you receive a ban message if you haven't played on our servers or have not been banned at all. This is caused by Punkbuster and can be solved by enabling Punkbuster.

The 'DON'Ts' of the 'Help Bans' forums

  • No excessive capital use
  • No swearing, insulting or blaming
  • Stay out of the unban request if you are not involved in the ban, or if you aren't an admin on the particular server
  • Admins, never unban someone if it isn't your ban

All of stated above will result in:
  • Deletion or lock of the topic
  • The ban won't be lifted
  • Offtopic posts will be deleted