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How to behave when you spot someone rulebreaking/cheating?

World War II-based first-person shooter.

How to behave when you spot someone rulebreaking/cheating?

Postby Flame Guards » Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:56 pm

Everything you wanted to know about demos
Author: Wolverine

First of all you must remember that all players are deemed innocent until proven guilty which is why getting proof is so important in building up a water-tight case against a would-be haxxor, cheat, loser or whatever you want to call these sad minded people.

Taking a demo

One of the main ways we can do this is by taking a demo. In short a demo is a video of the player in question that can be taken whilst you spec him or her. How do you do this? Simple, all you need to do is have this feature enabled in the controls section of ET. (Press ESCAPE, CONTROLS, click on demo tab and press F12, from now on every-time you want to take a demo all you need to do is press F12) To stop record press F12 again or press your console (~) and type in /stop record.
If you have an autoexec.cfg file you can also paste this in:

Code: Select all
//demo record script
bind F12 "vstr demor"
set demoon "autorecord; echo ^1Recording ^pDemo; set demor vstr demooff"
set demooff "stoprecord; echo ^1Stopped ^pRecording; set demor vstr demoon"
set demor "vstr demoon"

Once you have done this you are ready to go and test a demo. Ok, obviously you are going to need a test subject. Let’s say I am on the server at the time and playing too good, could I be cheating? Time to find out, again press down your console and type:
/follow wolverine
(Remember the / or else ‘follow wolverine’ will appear in global chat)
Alternatively you can !Listplayers, find his/her slot and type /follow 13 if he is at slot 13 for example.

You will now see that you are speccing Wolverine as he pawns his way through a map. Press F12 and you are now recording his play. (You will see the ‘recording demo’ at the top right hand of your screen). Now be patient, don’t assume anything simply because he has killed two guys without breaking sweat. Record at least 2-3 demos of at least 5 mins each. Short demos can be rather inconclusive so longer demos will give you more evidence and a better assessment criterion.

Press ‘player stats’ and check his Kill/Head Shot ratio. Aimbotters can have a ridiculous Headshot count. However, demos do not show ‘player stats’ even when you press it down on your screen so you need to take a screen shot instead.

Taking a Screenshot

To take a screen shot all you need to do is press F4 whilst keeping the ‘player stats’ fixed on your screen. It will then take a screen shot and store it into your screen shot folder. Depending on what Mod you are playing, ET will automatically download the picture to that Mod’s folder. E.g. If playing No Quarter you should find it here:

C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\noquarter\screenshots

If for any reason you do not have a folder called screenshot there, simply create one yourself. From now on all screenshots taken whilst playing on a No Quarter server will be pasted there.


Sometimes Screen shots are a vital tool in your evidence gathering as it can give you a lot of information.

For example, notice someone's Kills to Headshot count is 3 to 1 on both luger and mp40 which is a tell-tale sign of a bot even though his accuracy appears at a respectable 30%. His ridiculous HS count is almost a dead-giveaway but a demo or two will confirm your suspicions.

Also, if you notice someone's cross-hair is snapping to other players heads, it's an aimbot alright, inform an admin pass on the information and get his ass banned!


Sometimes players use a different cheat such as a wallhack which ALWAYS gives them the advantage of anticipation and surprise. They seem to know when to attack, where you hide, whether to use a grenade or not etc. You spec them and you notice how they keep on pointing his cross-hair at the walls or obstacles when you would be pointing yours at an entrance or other points of likely attack. This is the behaviour of a Wallhacker and again a demo will provide vital clues.

After taking a demo watch it and notice his ‘sense’ of anticipation of every move, is it just luck, coincidence, skill or a cheat? To find out pull down your console (~) and type the following command as you watch the demo:

/r_shownormals 1

Voila you can now ‘see’ almost as well as a wallhack. Now you can see how luck, skill or mere coincidence plays no part in your suspects team-play. He is in fact following or ‘tracking’ players as they move in his line of sight.

Other rulebreaks

Of course it's considerable you run into a rulebreaker who doesn't follow the rules. If you encounter these problems, take screenshots and/or demos about the situation and upload them here. Even if there is an admin online at that time, try to take as many information as possible and post them in these forums. Your actions can help us making your playing environment more enjoyable!

Uploading a demo

To upload a demo you may either use an FTP program such as Core FTP and upload your demos onto your own webspace (if you are a high admin you may be given http access on the FG webspace) or an alternative way is to upload the demo using a webhosting site such as http://www.rapidshare.com to do it for you. Just browse, upload and click on the download link.

By clicking on the link Admins will be able to upload this file to their own ET folders, just remember to tell them under which Mod the file is supposed to be saved in so that it can be viewed properly. That’s it!
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