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AcKeNaR on 28 Jul - 18:36
Hihowohaw! I´ve just seen the bookmark while i was making a sec copy and just logged in to say HELLO MATES, I STILL REMEMBER AND ALSO MISS YOU ALL A BIT.
CaptainQwark on 28 Feb - 21:09
well hi. playing on FA servers atm.
Pager0 on 27 Feb - 21:09
Happy birthday Hadmastah! :D
Pager0 on 21 Feb - 12:19
Heyo Stupid0oo :D
I-2-Stupid on 18 Feb - 22:21
hey pagerooo
Pager0 on 4 Feb - 19:37
Helloooo how is everyone holding up during the pandemic? Hope everyone is doing allright :)
RedNeckRookie on 11 May - 19:43
holy sh*t what a trip down the memory lane this is. used to play ET daily back in 2006-2008
-|FG|-IoNiDe on 9 Nov - 22:09
There is no spoon without a woman!
Hadmaster on 11 Oct - 09:50
Please post e new link for the FG discord. Thx
marcin on 16 Jun - 16:54
Wassup, FG#3 still down? Dammit.


Flame Guards - ET Section closed

World War II-based first-person shooter.

Re: Flame Guards - ET Section closed

Postby Lubie_Dzem » Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:36 pm

I-2-Stupid wrote:
Qualo wrote:
I-2-Stupid wrote:love the adre settings on da :) you cant heal yourself as medic when you use adre :P

On Bunker4 you can never heal yourself, server with best gameplay settings imo and good maps - though lacks a bit of players :/

no rambo medics? nice :D


It can be easly set by changing g_medics cvar.
It makes gameplay for medics much harder, but gives more balance to game. Medic become no longer rambo class.

Image Best Regular


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Re: Flame Guards - ET Section closed

Postby CaptainQwark » Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:16 am


I'm not sure if many of you remember me. I was a regular player and FG-member for many years during Master's FG#3-era and later migrated myself to Martinj's FG#2.
The reason I'm here now is because couple weeks ago I started playing ET again on Fearless Assassins #2 server (because I love Jaymod!).
I finally had to check up on this forum because playing this brutal people-killing-simulator again is starting to make remember all the good times I had with you guys.
It's sad to think that there will never be another golden age for FG, at least not from an Enemy Territory point of view, but I hope you are all doing well and having fun with your new modern game servers.
I know that I probably won't get mixed with the newer generation FPS games because A) I don't think I'll ever feel free playing a game that doesn't have Quake 3 engine and B) I´m broke and can't buy them.

I was actually going to make a sort of a list for all the players I remember sharing my time with back in Master's FG#3 (we even had a gaming marathon there with certain someone).
I would've shared some thoughts and comments but I just keep remembering more and more names and it would be rude to leave someone out so I'm not going to do that.

I noticed that there is already a new FG server for ET and I will of course check it out if there are players.
Nevertheless; I will always wear my -|FG|- nametag proudly when playing this game because even if you are sometimes away from FG, FG will never be away from you.

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Re: Flame Guards - ET Section closed

Postby RioAlex » Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:05 am

Hey qwark :D I think i remember u when i was still reg in 2007.....

Anyway nice ur back....join us on server sometimes and yeah....On FA say that Aimy is pro ;)
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Re: Flame Guards - ET Section closed

Postby GhostRider » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:12 pm

qwarktastic :)

ps. didnt read
Fragger wrote:
GhostRider wrote:im youngest in my family :roll:

explains a lot.

someday i will come up with a suitable psycho analysis of you :)
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