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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Flame Guards FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Flame Guards Online Gaming Community?
The Flame Guards Online Gaming Community is a community founded in 2005. Back then we were only a community with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gameservers, but currently we run also Battlefield: Bad Company 2 servers.

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Why form a community?
Would you keep playing on servers with no enjoyable atmosphere which are completely uncontrolled? We wouldn't, that's why we launched our own servers so we can provide a much more enjoyable environment for the people who connect to our servers every day.

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How many servers does Flame Guards provide?
We provide a total amount of 13 servers.

You can see specific details of a server here.

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Is Flame Guards a clan?
No, like mentioned before Flame Guards is a community. Although we do organize matches from time to time, the majority of our members are regular players who like to play on our servers.

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How do I join the forums?
Easy: Press register and fill in a few forms, and you're done!

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I see many people with avatars and signatures in their posts. How do I upload my own?
First, log in to your account and open the forums. Access the User Control Panel (UCP), then open the tab 'Profile' and press 'Edit signature/Avatar'. You can upload an avatar either from your machine or via the web, but you have to upload your image first on a image hosting site, like TinyPic. Then you can close in the link to your signature with the [img]-tag.

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Great! I have joined the forum and my name appears in the members list. Does that mean I am a Flame Guards Member and may wear the tag?
No! It simply means you are registered on the forum. You can only become a Member if an High Admin invites you to the community.

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Then what is the advantage of the website?
There are many advantages. Firstly, you get to join in our discussions and share your opinion. Regardless of who you are or how many posts you have made, your views will be considered and debated. Secondly, we can find out a lot about a person by what he posts and how useful his contributions to the threads are. It is not about the quantity of posts but quality, so spamming us with useless junk has the opposite effect and does not impress us. Thirdly, it provides us with a quick reference as to when you started using our forums so we can more or less determine how long you have been an active participant in our servers and forums.

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How do I join Flame Guards?
You cannot ask to join, we invite you! The reasons for this are simple. Each day dozens of new players connect to our servers, if everybody asked for an invitation we would soon be inundated with requests. So rather than hundreds of players begging to join, we choose who we think are worthy of wearing the tag and becoming fully fledged members of the community.

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If you are not a clan, why are you still selective?
Clans usually select the best skilled players around, nothing else really matters. Although we have a number of really skilled players within our ranks our selection procedures are actually based on a players attitude rather than on his overall playing skills. Therefore, the difference in skills between each Flame Guards member can be quite noticeable, but we all share the same common attitude in terms of game-play, rules and sportsmanship.

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How do you indentify a suitable member?
As you play regularly on our servers other Flame Guards members will notice how you play, how you interact with the rest of your team members and how well you follow our gaming rules. This obviously is an ongoing process and it can take literally months before you get invited. In the meantime we reward players who visit our servers on a regular basis and follow our rules with basic member levels and if found worthy and competent they will be invited to advanced admin levels.

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Who selects and invites new members?
Usually a High Admin will post a new candidate on the Admin Invitation Forum (Private). Only High Admins have access to this forum so only they vote. Normal Flame Guards members can suggest a potential candidate to an Admin and if he/she agrees they will organise a poll. Polls run for 7 days and a 75% majority is needed to be invited in. Some Admins from other servers may usually abstain since they don't know the candidate in question and these votes are NOT considered; only YES/NO votes apply. Therefore after all abstentions are removed if a candidate obtains 9 out of 12 votes in his favour for example he is allowed in.

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So, not all Flame guards Members have access to the Admin Forums?
That's right. The Flame Guards crew has been divided into two categories: Admins and Members. Admins have access to the Admin Forums and Member Forums. Members only have access to the Member Forums.

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What is the difference between a Member and an Admin?
Flame Guards Members are given level 8 up to including 14. Admins are level 15 or higher on one of our servers.
To check out the full -|FG|-Member list, check this page.

Back to top
I have been playing for a while, how do I know I have been given a level?
In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, typ !admintest in the console. It will show your level globally.

Back to top
What am I able to do with levels?
Open the console and typ !help. It will show you a set of available commands. The higher your level, the more commands there will be available.

Back to top
I have level 5, does that mean I will be invited soon?
No. It can still be a while before we invite you, but you are well on your way! Keep playing and posting on the forums and somebody will notice.

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Am I allowed to display my level as part of my signature on the forums?
Yes of course. Whether a member or not you are allowed to display your current levels as part of your signature.

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I noticed some of you wear colors in your name. How can I add colors to my name?
Go to your profile in-game and typ a ^ followed by a number (or letter). These symbols are translated into colors. You can also experiment with colors here.

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What are the 'Golden Rules' to follow, to get really noticed?
Read our Rulebook and familiarise yourself with OUR rules before you start to play. What may be acceptable in other servers may be totally prohibited here.

Once you've read the rules, follow these tips:
  • Play regularly on our servers and play by the rules.
  • Make yourself useful for your team.
  • Listen to admin instructions and obey them. If necessary, ask the admins for help.
  • Do contribute useful, interesting and well thought out posts in the forum.
  • Talk English in the chat. Use PM when you talk in your native language.
  • If you spot someone breaking the rules, please notify us kindly instead of shouting in the chat.

Ways to get noticed in the WRONG way:
  • Violating the rules, behaving in a childish way.
  • Swearing, complaining, whining or spamming in the chat.
  • Spamming the forums.
  • Not going to spectator mode when away or staying spectator for an extremely long time.
  • Ignoring instructions or advice, playing egoistically.
  • Using cheats.

Back to top
I have been banned! What do I have to do?
First, determine what sort of removal it is. If you are kicked, you are temporary banned and you should be able to reconnect in 2 minutes. If you are banned for a longer time, you have to find out the following first:
  • Name of the server
  • Date and time of the ban
  • The person who banned you
  • The reason of the ban
  • Is it a permanent or a temporary ban?
Fill in an unban request in the Unban Request Forum. You may also try to contact the specific admin and explain your actions there. When posting an unban request, always remember to use proper language. Rude posts won't help you getting unbanned.

Back to top
I have a complaint against an admin who I consider is abusing his power. What can I do?
If you suspect an admin is abusing his admin powers you have every right to file a complaint. However, before you do so, make sure you
  • Get your facts right. If in doubt, PM the admin in question for and explanation.
  • Give a clear account of events.
  • Do not use, insulting, threatening or sarcastic language. Your complaint will be dismissed out of hand.
  • Do not lie to make your version more credible by exaggerating or inventing facts, we are able to check our logs and you will be found out.
Complaints for admin abuse can be posted in our Forums. Your grievance will be assessed by High Admins who will arbitrate in the matter. Their decision is final.

Back to top
Do you mean that even admins get disciplined?
Yes of course. Administrators are selected from the ranks for their honesty, impartiality and ability to handle power. If they misuse their privileges they are subject to punishment just like anyone else. Punishments can range from a simple caution/warning, demotion of levels and even expulsion from the community.

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I see sometimes ban someone for using a multi-hack. What is that?
A 'hack' is a cheat that allows players to gain unfair advantages during a game. There are many types of hacks and when combined they are usually referred to as a 'multi-hack'. The most common hacks are:
  • Aimbot - auto-locks crosshair on targets head or body automatically.
  • Wallhack - allows players to see through walls. Players show up in bright colours such as red (axis) or blue (allies)
  • Ballhack - as above but hack places a ball, square or other object above player heads and shows relative distances of players to you.

Back to top
I have been thinking of using an aimbot. What are the consequences of using it?
First of all anyone using any type of hack on our servers faces a life ban. Moreover Punk Buster actively scans your computer whenever you are playing online for any irregularities in your OpenGL files and DLL's. If they detect a hack they will ban your hardware, that is Hard Drive, Graphics Card and Mother Board and you will no longer be able to connect to ANY Punk Buster protected game or server. Certain Flame Guards admins also have this capability so what PB does not detect, we can. The PBBan will NOT be removed and appeals to Punk Buster are long, laborious and usually unsuccessful.

For those that run the risk of using hacks anyway, a word of caution. Many hack designers are also known to insert Trojans and other viruses into their software. You may think you may be owning online but you are the one who could get seriously owned instead. Many of these hacks are now detected by Punk Buster anyway so it is not worth the risk.

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How can I improve my skills without using a hack?
Practice makes perfect. We were all noobs at the beginning and the best players have spent hours practicing and honing their skills without having to cheat. You can also become an awesome player by constant practice and observing those better players around you. It takes time, but at least when you kill someone you know it's through skill, not a targeting device.

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What are scripts/binds? Are they legal?
Scripts enable you to change your personal settings and add binds to help your overall in-game play.

Scripts can help you change your Field of View (FOV), 90% to 120% for example. Other scripts can help you switch back to your main weapon after throwing a grenade for example.

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Can I tweak my settings?
Yes you can, but there is a limit on how much you can change each setting by. Normally CVARS are 'tweaked' to limit or increase the visual quality of how textures and models are rendered in the game. This can be a great help and give players an extra edge, but remember Flame Guards admins have set the range of "acceptable" CVAR values for our servers and may use Punkbuster to control observation of the limits. Players are allowed to modify CVAR values within those limits, but no more. If you find yourself being kicked by Punkbuster then you have exceeded your CVAR limits and need to amend them in order to play on our servers.

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I see a player violating the rules, but the admins doesn't notice. What do I have to do?
First of all, always try to take a screenshot if possible. Secondly, try to inform the admins via PM in-game. They will watch the specific player and look for possible other rulebreaks. If needed, send your taken screenshot to the admin who has taken control of the case, so he can post it in the Member Forums and inform the other Flame Guards Members about the player.

Back to top
What to do if a player is breaking the rules, but there is no admin online?
Again, take as many visual evidence as possible about the situation. If you have collected your proof, try to look for an admin who is online on another server. If there is no admin who can help you at that moment, post the screenshots and demos you've taken in the Proof Against Rulebreakers or Cheaters section of the forums.

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I have another question which is not answered here.
The best possible option is to ask it, either via PM or the forums.

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